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Prove your worth & build a criminal empire

Mafiaverse is a thrilling multiplayer play-to-earn strategy game that will set you in the action-packed years of organized crime life.


There’s only one rule in Mafiaverse – do whatever it takes to make it to the top. Extort, steal, bribe, run illegal businesses & flip NFTs to make some quick cash.

Family. Power. Respect. Image

In Mafiaverse, respect isn’t given, it’s earned.


Conquer the city by joining established families or take the risk and start your own. Whatever you choose, make sure to have someone watching your back.


Where’s money, there’s power. Extort, steal, bribe, run illegal businesses, flip NFTs, make dirty deals with other players and overthrow families to gain more influence.


Distinguish yourself from other Mafiaverse players with in-game purchases. Upgrade your look with flashy clothes and expensive cars to show who’s the real boss around here.


Want to be at the top of the reputation ranking? Earn other players’ respect, make as much money as you know how and build a notable personal image.

Use thugs for in-game tasks

Thugs are the backbone of the game. Each player will have the ability to control up to 5 thugs to perform different daily tasks.
Every thug has unique attributes that, when strategically combined, will significantly improve your efficiency.
Choose thugs depending on your gameplay strategy –  whether you want to battle your rivals or run illegal businesses.
Thugs can use various items with them (guns, vehicles) that increase their efficiency even more.
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take over districts & Run illegal businesses

Want to run a business? You’ll have to acquire a building first. In Mafiaverse, businesses can be both legal and illegal, bringing in different benefits.
To protect your revenue, you need to protect your buildings and businesses since they can be attacked and even destroyed at any time.
Every single business or building you own can be upgraded to generate even more cash and increase security.
Each business owner has to pay a share of profit to the family that controls the disctrict.

FamilIES as daoS

Players can join established or start new families that will be managed as DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations).
You can either start your own mafia family or join an already established one. Whatever you choose, make sure your presence in the organization is noticed and appreciated.
All major decisions are made by voting. The importance of your vote will depend on your experience, reputation and how valuable you are to the family.
Take on as much responsibility as you can actually handle
and quickly rise throught the ranks. Lower-ranking family members will have to pay protection tax to the capos.
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Mafiaverse is a unique blockchain strategy simulation where players can make real money on their way to the top.

BAttle npcs or other players

Get ahead in the game by dominating other players, taking over new districts and fighting non-player characters.

Run illegal Businesses

Establish and expand your illegal businesses by taking over other families’ properties or even whole districts.

Complete missions & Challenges

Win valuable in-game items and $MVCASH by completing monthly quests and special Mafiaverse challenges.

Flip NFTs in Marketplace

Whenever you find yourself needing some quick cash, go to the marketplace and show off you NFT flipping skills.

Project Roadmap

Mafiaverse is not a shot in the dark. We have a calculated long-term strategy that can currently be divided into 3 distinctive stages.

MVP (2022 August)

Be the first one to experience Mafiaverse world this August! 

  • Take over a district or extort a business
  • Open a business and start generating offline earnings
  • Strategise and hire thugs that suit your momentary or strategic needs
  • Earn respect points and win rewards for staying in the top

ALPHA (Q4 2022)

Gathering, and focusing on the feedback from MVP and numerous Alpha versions, we’ll be experimenting with multiple features that are essential to a sophisticated gameplay.

  • In-game communication
  • Family member recruitment
  • Variation of actions, strategic paths and buildings
  • Economics and Tokenomics in-game testing
  • New feature/request implementation

PUBLIC (q3 2023)

After a series of simulations, improvements and bug fixing, we’ll release a Public version, where Mafiaverse community will be able to enjoy and dulge in the sophisticated gameplay, developed graphics, play-to-earn strategies, own and trade NFTs and much more.

The MVP & Alpha stage players will be airdropped real in-game assets for the support and insight to come to this Public phase.


A team of highly experienced and forward-looking entrepreneurs, set out to leave a pivotal mark in today’s gaming world.
Co-founder, Design
Erikas Malisauskas

Ex Donut App, Monetha

  • More than 10 years of experience designing handy user interfaces, attractive landing pages and satisfying mobile apps. 
  • Running boutique design studio for last few years.
  • Highly familiar with blockchain, previously founded a DeFi product.
  • Created the first Lithuanian NFT and successfully sold it in auction for 2.5 ETH donating all the sum.
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Co-founder, CEO
Jonas bartasius

Ex DOYO Studio, Monetha

  • Helped fintech and crypto startups raise 5m+ USD.
  • Led product teams to build mobile apps.
  • Built a 6 figure digital agency in less than 12 months.
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Co-founder, Technology
Laurynas Malisauskas

Ex Redefinio, Omertamafia

  • Launched text-based mafia strategy game back in 2001. Reached 15,000+ active players and successfully exited a decade after.
  • Led developer teams to build digital products for the past 11 years while maintaining personal interest in game mechanics and strategy gaming in general.
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